01. 「daze」
02. チルドレンレコード 
03. サマータイムレコード
Lydia | 17
A weird girl trapped by the heartless in the middle of nowhere. 80% animanga, 10% games, 10% etc.

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Happy Birthday, Phoebe! ♥ 

HAHAH HERE ARE YOUR HUSBANDS & BABIES! kisekisekise renrenren orekiorekioreki (●´∀`●) I know that we haven’t talked much, but thank you for filling my dash with beautiful things! You’re reaaaally nice, and it brings me a smile when you’re on tumblr! Hope we can talk more, and have a wonderful birthday! ♥

i’m so sorry i forgot to include Howl (゚´Д`゚)゚

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